NEWS RELEASE: Total Home Health is expanding in Florida! Offices opening soon in Okeechobee, Vero Beach, Conroe, and Naples. We are looking to fill positions for office staff, as well as clinical field staff. If you are interested in joining our dynamic new team, we are now accepting applications!


Total Home Health is a full service, home care provider. We employ a team of professionals, who delivers a complete range of health services at your residence. We also have specialized programs for several diagnosies which physician specialists have worked with us to develop.


  • Assessment and regular reassessment of the nursing needs of the patient and/or caregiver throughout the course of care.

  • Initiation of preventative and rehabilitative nursing procedures as appropriate for the patient's and/or caregiver's care and safety.

  • Observation of physical and emotional signs and symptoms and reporting to the physician of all reactions to treatments, including medication administration.

  • Teaching, supervising and counseling of the patient and/or caregiver and family regarding the nursing care needs and related problems of the patient and/or caregiver at home.


  • Treating patient and/or caregivers to relieve pain, develop or restore function, and maintain maximum performance, utilizing teaching, exercise, massage, and applicable therapy treatments and modalities.

  • Instructing the patient and/or caregiver in the care and use of wheelchairs, braces, crutches, canes and prosthetic and orthotic devices.


  • Assessment and reassessment of the patient and/or caregiver and evaluation and testing of patient and/or caregivers with speech, hearing or language disorders.


  • Assessment and reassessment of the patient and/or caregiver and evaluation of the patient's and/or caregiver's level of function by applying diagnostic and prognostic procedures.

  • Guiding the patient and/or caregiver in the use of therapeutic, creative and self-care activities for the purpose of improving function.


  • Assisting the patient and/or caregiver to maintain personal hygiene.

  • Assisting the patient and/or caregiver with mobility as appropriate.

  • Maintaining a healthy, safe environment.

Social Services

  • Referral to community resources.

  • Nursing home or institutional placement assistance.

  • Providing rehabilitative and supportive case work.

  • Assisting the patient and/or caregiver, family and team members with social, emotional, and environmental issues relating to the patient's and/or caregiver's health problems.


  • Monitor medication side effects, actions and interactions as well as provide basic reinforcement of behavior modification principals established by the treating psychiatrist. Some counseling can be given by the psychiatric nurse in reinforcement of the psychiatrist’s behavior plan.