News Release: Total Home Health is coming to Lakeland and Stuart with physical offices soon. Please apply if you are interested in applying for positions within the office or as a field clinician.


For Patients With:

  • Signs of Late Life Depression
  • Diagnosed with Any Personality Mood Disorders
  • Newly Diagnosed Chronic Disease
  • Late Stage Diagnosis of Terminal Condition
Medicare Behavioral Home Health Care is available to geriatric patients whose psychological issues interfere with their daily lives.

Our personalized care promotes health and stability to reduce or prevent hospitalizations and support present Plan of Care and Improve Quality of Life!

Services Include, but are not limited to:

  • Behavioral Health Observation & Assessment of Condition
  • Patient & Family Education of Disease Process
  • Management & Evaluation of Patient Care Plan
  • Medication Education, Monitor Therapeutic Effectiveness & Management
  • Home Safety & Emergency Education
  • Coping Skills & Management of the Condition
  • Evaluate Environment & Contributing Factors of the Condition
  • Counseling
  • Coordinate with Other Members of the Health Care Team
  • Assist with Community Resources and Support Groups
  • Advocacy with Community Agencies
  • Assistance with Long-term Care Planning, Inpatient Placement for Additional Counseling

More information:

Please contact your local Total Home Health office for more information.