News Release: Total Home Health is coming to Lakeland and Stuart with physical offices soon. Please apply if you are interested in applying for positions within the office or as a field clinician.


For patients with Alzheimer’s Disease who display:

  • Uncooperative Tendencies in ADL’s
  • Weight Loss due to poor eating habits
  • Agitated or aggressive behaviors
  • Increased safety risk
Medicare now endorses Home Health Caregiver Training. In conjunction, Total Home Health now offers focused interventions to those responsible for geriatric patients whose psychological/behavioral issues interfere with daily living. This Training can help prevent Hospitalizations, support present Plans of Care, Reduce Stress to All Involved and Improve Quality of Life!


  • Teaching caregivers specific coping strategies
  • Reinforcing safe care practices
  • Applying techniques to relieve stress
  • Interventions to monitor and manage behaviors
  • New skills to increase tolerance & cooperation

More information:

Please contact your local Total Home Health office for more information.