NEWS RELEASE: Total Home Health is expanding in Florida! Offices opening soon in Okeechobee, Vero Beach, Conroe, and Naples. We are looking to fill positions for office staff, as well as clinical field staff. If you are interested in joining our dynamic new team, we are now accepting applications!





To Our Patients


We Promise to:


   Design a Plan of Care that fits you.

   Explain your plan completely, in person and in writing.

   Answer all your questions, large and small.

   Assign the same Professional team members whenever possible.

   RN on call 24 hours a day.

   Keep your doctor fully aware of your progress and your changes.

  Notify you our time frame of arrival. If delayed by another patient's emergency, we
      promise to notify you of your new visit time.


To Our Physicians & Case Managers


We Promise to:


   Apply "Diagnosis specific" protocols created under your direction.

   Notify your office 'immediately' when a patient's condition changes.

   Use technology to simplify necessary communications.

   Support you to qualify for Care Plan Oversight.

  Work with independent insurances (Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Worker's Comp, etc).


Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of our Agency that home health servies shall be available and shall be rendered to the total population of our Service Area, regardless of the recipients race, religion, age, sex, disabilities, sexual orientation, ethnic background or national origin.