NEWS RELEASE: Total Home Health is expanding in Florida! Offices opening soon in Okeechobee, Vero Beach, Conroe, and Naples. We are looking to fill positions for office staff, as well as clinical field staff. If you are interested in joining our dynamic new team, we are now accepting applications!
"The first wealth is health."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"What is called genius is the abundance of life and health."
- Henry David Thoreau

"A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings."
- Hippocrates



Alain Jesus Hernandez
Executive Chairman Officer

Alain Jesus Hernandez is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Total Home Health.

His visionary thinking and inspirational leadership has catapulted the company from a small local agency to a leader in the home healthcare industry in both Florida and Texas.

Determined to be the best healthcare service provider in the states of Florida and Texas, eventually the entire United States, Alain believes that recruiting good people, with a passion for serving our seniors and providing them the tools and training to further develop, Total Home Health is well positioned for continued expansion. Driven by the belief that “people do business with people, not businesses,” he has built an organization where healthcare professionals can passionately do what they do best, which is provide excellent care for their patients as demonstrated in their clinical outcomes, while improving the quality of life for their own families.

As a connoisseur in establishing and implementing organizational systems, controls, policies and procedures to facilitate excellence in the key metrics of Home Care delivery, Alain has expanded operations to include a wider array of services to an ever-growing senior demographic. “Market demand for home health is growing unabated,” says Alain. “Just to keep up with the market’s demands for post-acute care, Total Home Health will continue its expansion of service delivery.” The growth of Total Home Health from one agency in 2003 to five agencies in 2010 to eleven in 2015 to 17 agencies in 2016, that serve over 21 counties in Florida and over 54 in Texas is a testimony to Alain’s ability to interpret the marketplace and to respond accordingly.

Alain’s tactical business intelligence and innovative practices in Home Health Care were developed while working toward his B.A. at Florida State University. In the classroom he learned the theory of business; on the football field as an offensive lineman, under the tutelage of Bobby Bowden, he learned the skills of leadership and strategizing. By combining passion, ambition, and application, Alain has built Total Home Health utilizing a unique and unmatched set of skills, which are demonstrated by employee and referral source loyalty and great clinical outcomes for the senior’s whose lives have been entrusted to their care.

Currently, Alain resides in Miami Florida with his wife Elaine Spottswood-Hernandez employed with Douglas Elliman. Alain also has an eleven years old son, “Zeus”, and a one year old boy, “Luca”.

Leonel Orozco

Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Leonel Orozco has been in Home Health Management and Leadership positions for over 22 years of his professional career. Leonel is a proud alumnus of the University of Florida where he graduated with a B.S.  in Business Administration. During his long standing career, Leo has worked in a wide variety of roles but his passion for strategic planning has led him to create numerous programs to improve processes, develop policies, mentor administrative staff and play an integral role in overall operating plan for long-term organizational growth.
Leonel has been a dedicated professional with combined experience in health care and finance. With a keen eye on growth, Leonel has assisted in turning 6 start-up offices into full fledge with continued increase in market share since joining Total Home Health in 2009. He utilizes keen analysis and insights and team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices. Superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex (sales, human resources, financial, operational) issues and motivating staff to peak performance. His focus on compliance of regulatory standards, implementation of strong financial metrics, great communication skills, strong leadership qualities and impeccable work ethics resulted in his promotion to COO of this organization.
Mr. Orozco contributes to the definition of business processes, advises management on how information technology can be applied for the benefit of the organization  and as an instrument in ensuring effective utilization of human resources. 

Sherry Landry
Director of Billing and Reinbursement

Mrs. Sherry Landry is a professional leader with 15 years’ experience in Home Health and Reimbursement Management and 15 years’ experience in Business Management and Human Resources. Sherry’s education includes a B.A. in Healthcare Administration with specialization in Public Health and she continues to strive for personal and professional growth. In 2013, she accepted the offer to join Total Home Health to bring previously outsourced billing back in-house and to develop uniform billing practices across the organization, including developing and guiding the intake insurance verification process. As the company has grown, the Corporate Billing Department has grown in efficiency under her leadership which led to her appointment to the Operations and Compliance Teams and Board of Directors of Total Home Health.
Dedicated to developing best practices and process improvement through her experience in building cohesive teams with continuing skill development and with a talent for big picture perspective and detail driven processes, Sherry has led Billing Departments at 3 organizations to achieve Accounts Receivables well below industry benchmarks in Medicare, Managed Care, and Private Pay. During her 11 year tenure with Texas Home Health, she held many positions, ultimately being promoted to Director of Billing and Reimbursement, where she developed the billing team from a staff of 9 billing specialists for 18 Home Health offices into four billing departments billing over $250 million combined in revenue annually for Medicare, Managed Care, Private Pay; as well as a centralized Insurance Verification Dept., directing one assistant manager, 3 supervisors, and 36 FTEs. Sherry’s areas of expertise include: Revenue cycle management and process improvement; reducing DSOs while increasing and accelerating cash collections; knowledge of CMS regulations and compliance with laws governing healthcare; completing EDI enrollments and implementing billing software for new office start-ups and acquisitions through change of ownership; EMR and Claims Management software experience with 10 plus programs. Married for 32 years, Sherry has 2 daughters, 2 sons, 2 grandsons and 2 granddaughters.

Deborah Caswell
VP of Florida Clinical Operations

Mrs. Deborah Caswell is a registered nurse with more than 35 years in the nursing profession including the last 15 years in the home health industry. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania, where she worked in many different venues such as emergency room, intensive care, long term care before she ventured into the home care arena when she moved to Florida in 2001. She has served in multiple leadership roles from Administrator to Regional Operation to a traveling multi-state Educator. She joined Total Home Health in 2014 as the Executive Director of the Broward office and then in 2015 she accepted the position of V.P. of Clinical Operations. Mrs. Caswell is dedicated to educating and motivating the Executive Directors in this company to be the best they can be while understanding the challenges of the home health industry. She is married, has 4 children and 2 grandchildren.